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You wish to finance a project, a student or the network, discover below how you can do so.

Help Fund Your School

The business education tax

GEM Alumni can help guide your company through the process of directing its business education tax (i.e. called "taxe d'apprentissage", applicable to France-based companies only) towards Grenoble Ecole de Management. By providing GEM with the means to:

Continue developing and expanding + Encourage innovative pedagogy for future students + Grow its reputation = You reinforce the value of your diploma

Remember, the business education tax is the only tax a company can direct towards an institution of its choice. You already chose GEM once for your studies, continue making the right choice!

Sédric Vincent, from our tax team, is here to help you with the process and organize meetings with colleagues who are in charge of taxes in your company.

Learn more about the french business education tax at GEM

Support a Student

Scholarship Endowment Fund

By funding a scholarship, you can support merit-based equal opportunity higher education and/or help attract high level international students to France.

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Sponsor a Graduating Class

By sponsoring a graduating class you turn back the wheels of time. Come back 20 years after your graduation not as a student, but as mentor to share your experience with new graduates.
Who better than an alumni to accompany, guide and advise a new generation of students? Associate your company, its image and employer branding to this adventure and add your name to our prestigious list of sponsors.

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Finance a Student Association

If your position in a company or society allows you to contribute to and support one of our 24 associations, Yannick Chatelain (GEM ESC 94), will be happy to help guide you through the process.

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Support Research

Fund a Chair

The origins of the GEM-Orange chair on Digital Natives are to be found in a meeting between an alumni, her company and a team from GEM.
This chair helps finance research, training programs, seminars and other activities designed to develop and spread knowledge about younger generations and the digital world.

You can also help launch such an initiative! Help guide your company towards a similar collaborative win-win partnership. A chair can be designed to help answer the questions your company may have about itself and its field of activity. A chair's findings will aid your company staying a step ahead of the competition.

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