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Program-based chapters

Why have chapters for programs and graduating classes ?

They allow you to stay in touch with your classmates and create relationships with people who share your same educational experience. 


Your program is the course of study you followed during your time at Grenoble Ecole de Management. 
The programs with the most alumni are: 

  • PGE / ESC : Programme Grande Ecole. The name of this program has changed over the years: DESCAF or DESMA. Historically, the alumni from this program are grouped with the ESC acronym because it was the first diploma delivered by the "'Ecole Supérieure de Commerce". 
  • MIB : Master in International Business
  • IFC : Institut des Formations Commerciales; under this label we find the francophone Bachelors in Sales, Assistant Marketing, Technico-Commercial...
  • MBA : Master of Business Administration
  • MS : Mastères Spécialisés, this label groups together all the MS from GEM with the exception of the following diplomas: Mastère Entrepreneur MSE, Mastère Management Technologique et Innovation MTI et Achats
  • MSc : Master of Science
  • BIB : Bachelor in International Business

Consult the complete list of programs that GEM offers: Undergraduate Programs, Postgraduate Programs, Executive education, Doctoral Programs, Exchange programs.

At Grenoble Ecole de Management, your graduation class is defined by the year you receive your diploma. 

Your abbreviation 

This is a succession of  letters and number that appear on your GEM Alumni profil: 

GEM MBA 2012 means that you're an alumnus of the program Master of Business Administration from Grenoble Ecole de Management from the year 2012.