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Participate at school

Would you like to share your experience and participate in the School's key moments? Here is a list of ways you can contribute and persons to contact.


My testimonial : Meet the Manager

Grenoble &  Paris  | Duration: 90 minutes |  

These MTM conferences are organised according to your agenda and the ones of students. The alumni presents his job, his education path, and answers students questions. After the presentation, there is a time for interaction/debate around some refreshments.

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Propose a mission to students

Your company has a business issue to solve, and you would like students to work on it and provide several ideas? Send us your case so that we can get students and professors to tackle the topic. Your questioning can be on Information Systems and digitalisation or can target students of the MS Entrepreneurs (with more specific topics such as entrepreneurship communication, creation, developmment or corporate difficulties.

Propose a mission

Intervene in students programs

Absolutely at ease with public speaking, you feel ready to share your expertise and skills in a formal educational framework. To do this, alumni need to send their candidacy to be able to intervene in class.

Send my CV and references 


Lead an alumni community

Want to contribute to a medium-term framework between 18 and 24 months and agree to handle a geographical or professional community? Become coordinator/ambassador of GEM network in your area. This approach requires an investment of at least 30 minutes per week and 3-8 evenings per year.

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Mentor alumni

Want to help your peers? Become a mentor. Based on your own experiences and/or your industry, advisors of GEM Career Center can assist you in this process and put you in touch with alumni seeking support at turning point in their careers.

Become a mentor


Want to take part in a conference, present your activity, or present your company with a booth at one of the following events: Alumni Day, GEM Digital Day, or the Geopolitics Festival?

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Participate in entrance and exit examination boards.

All year long, come to evaluate the aptitude of students to enter our school, validate their academic year or present their final year thesis/projects. Some of the examination sessions are held in english, so you are most welcomed to take part in it.

Become a jury member

Share with us an opportunity for Executive/Continuing education.

If in your company  you are aware of a need for training or if you plan to provide your employees with new trainings, the ExecEd team is there to collect your needs and meet your expectations. Do not hesitate to contact them. It is Gaël Fouillard (Alumni of MIB 06), Director of this activity at GEM who will forward your request to the best person of his service.

Contact GAEL FOUILLARD (Head of GEM Executive Education)