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2018 GEM of the Year Awards: Ana Laborde GEM MIB 2007 "Entrepreneur GEM of the year"

Ana Laborde
Published on
24 January 2019

Every year the GEM Alumni network awards the GEM Trophies.
The award-winners are chosen among the graduates who are enhancing GEM's reputation and brand.

Meet Ana Laborde GEM MIB 2007 whose success demonstrates that GEM’s expertise in Management of Technology and Innovation are excellent tools that pave the way for extraordinary achievements.

Entrepreneur GEM de l'année

Ana LaBorde, GEM MIB 2007, founded BioSolutions in 2010, the first company in Mexico to produce bioplastics from agricultural byproducts. Her goal was simple reduce the carbon and water footprints from traditional plastics. 


BioSolutions developed a proprietary patented technology to produce biocomposites based on natural fiber rich in cellulose, a byproduct of the Agave Tequila and syrup industry in Mexico, herefore offering a sustainable alternative to the packaging and plastic industry.

In 2012, Ana was one of the TR35 award recipients granted by MIT’s Technology Review Magazine as one of the 10 most innovative companies of Mexico. She was also named “Science  Mind Quo” by Quo Magazine and Discovery Channel’s Mentes Quo Magazine.

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Awards Ceremony

The 4 categories: “GEM Athlete of the Year”, “GEM Entrepreneur of the Year”, “GEM Startup of the Year”, and “GEM of the Year” will be awarded to recipients at the GEM GALA on February 2nd, 2019 at Grenoble’s Summum.

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