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Nirdesh Misra's testimonial

   Hello all, I am Nirdesh Misra (MIB Singapore intake 6).

I am currently working as an Assistant Manager at IIa (pronounced as 2a) Technologies Pte. Ltd., Singapore. I am heading the supply chain department which has around 35-40 employees. My job is to plan and ensure smooth flow of operations in the supply chain cycle and overcoming any hurdles that could be foreseen, monitoring product flow, among others. My job also revolves around people who are managing the supply chain so I also need to ensure that we deliver as team what we have promise.

It was a networking event where I met my company’s managing director and he was interested in learning more about my business skill sets. He invited me for an interview the next week. My interview reminded me of discussions with my GGSB classmates and professors. I could readily apply what I learnt during those discussions in the interview.

To get this job, I used the business and social networking events that were organized by GGSB Alumni in Singapore and networking events by MDIS. One should be opened to attend these events as they give you a lot of knowledge of what is happening around you. You have to be attentive and be ready to grab the opportunity that might come your way in the form of events or meets. You will meet several people in such events who might be interested in learning more about you, your skill sets, background that you come from, your previous work experiences and education. You never know that they might be looking for a suitable candidate for a position that they have and you might be that person. Hence, always be optimistic.

Some general tips that I have for students is that I personally valued the international exposure that GGSB provided. I had a chance to interact with so many students of different nationalities during my studies. It was pretty interesting to listen to their opinions and views of the world, making you realise that problems have multiple solutions because of different perspectives. The brainstorming session during class were very challenging and makes you leave your comfort zone, which in turn encourages you to consider all viewpoints. The table discussions that we used to have among friends and professors from different nations, trying to reason, understand and respect each other’s opinions was a learning experience for me. Being part of healthy debates and discussions are always beneficial as it improves one’s knowledge on current affairs. It makes even complex situations look simple. All these discussions and interaction will make you well versed with the world around you in and prepare you all for the job market out there. It is always better to keep yourself updated with the current affairs and I think with the advent of technology, it should not be difficult for someone to do so. In this way, you will never be left behind in any discussion since you will have your own viewpoint which could make you stand out in a crowd and give you an edge over someone else.

So, all the very best to you guys!