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Transitioning from GEM Student to GEM Alumni

Published on
04 June 2019

Your time as a GEM student is coming to an end, and with it your access to many of the services tied to your student status. But don’t worry, as a GEM graduate you have access to a wide range of opportunities and services exclusive to GEM Alumni.

Now that you’re an alumnus/alumna (congrats!), you can start taking advantage of all of the services the school has to offer:


The following student services will come to a close:

  • Access to buildings: 30 days after earning diploma
  • License for Office software (Word, Excel...): 30 days after earning diploma
  • Student portal: 30 days after earning diploma
  • Library portal: 6 months after earning diploma
  • Moodle: 6 months after earning diploma
  • GEM Unity: 6 months after earning diploma 
  • Student email address: 6 months after earning diploma

An auto reminder will be sent to your  "" email address 3 weeks after you earn your diploma, and a second reminder at 6 months.

Accessing Alumni Services 

All GEM graduates automatically have a GEM Alumni account on GEM’s website. For your first sign in, use your student login credentials.

If you don’t remember them, please do not create a new account. You can contact should you need help.

Updating your profile

Keeping your profile up to date ensures that your information is displayed correctly in our GEM Alumni directory. It also means you’ll receive relevant communications about events near you or about subjects that interest you. We encourage you to make any updates via the GEM Alumni portal starting today:

In priority: 

- Replace your email address with a personal or professional email

- Set your personal or professional email address as your preferred contact method (the email you choose will become your user login for the GEM Alumni portal).

Manage your preferences 

The Network with no membership fees! 

We are constantly working to adapt our network, evolving it based on how you use it, that is why we decided to get rid of membership fees over 5 years ago, instead offering you an array of “a la carte” services that give everyone the freedom to select any paid options according to their own needs, desires and expectations.  

Find out more 

Got questions?

If you have any technical questions, please contact the e-center: 
For questions about the GEM Alumni network, please visit: 


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