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Mail inbox now closing for Alumni

Published on
15 October 2015

The email inbox is part of the student services portfolio.
Are you still using it as an alumn?

Grenoble Ecole de Management is reengineering the email tools to enable the alumni to join, in the near future, GEMUnity, the GEM social network.
Alumni are asked to use their dedicated alias from now on

The IT team will close all old « student » mail boxes on 11/16/2015.

Every alumni concerned has received a message on this « student » mail box and in any other current mail box registered on the alumni directory.

Extract of the message sent :

"To avoid any inconvenience we recommend you take the following the steps :

  • Transfer your important emails to your personal inbox
  • In the Alumni Directory, verify your personal alumni profile, check your lifelong email address and choose the email address you would like all emails to be directed to. Once this is set, all your emails will be redirected to this inbox.
    More information
  • Let your contacts know : a suggested “Out of Office reply” you can cut and paste is found below."

Thank you.

Message about inbox closing,

Dear contacts,

I am informing you that this inbox and email address will be inactive as of 11/16/2015. If you would like to contact me on a GEM email address, please do so at All incoming emails will be forwarded to my personal email address.