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June 2nd - 22nd: Participate in the Alumni Networking Days

Published on
06 March 2017

The Summer Alumni Networking days are fast approaching! It’s time for the community coordinators to start planning Get in Touch, Stay in Touch (G.I.T. S.I.T.) events to bring together the GEM Alumni in their cities! Don’t miss out, find the community closest to you*! 

Last year these events brought together more than 470 alumni in over 20 cities around the world, from San Francisco to Hong Kong!

We got together with you in many different cities and continents. Kudos to all of our coordinators and a big thank you to all of the alumni that attended.

During these G.I.T. S.I.T. events you received the first ever issue of the GEM Alumni Mag, and the third issue will be hot off the presses and distributed to you at this year’s events.

Check out what your peers are up to and get important alumni updates on the GEM Alumni Facebook page.


Here is a list of the participating cities, check back soon for dates: 

*Please note: to ensure you receive invitations for events in your area, please update your city and zip code in your profile

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