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Julien Vidal to demo AZmed at GEM’s Vivatech booth

Published on
09 April 2019

GEM was founded as a Management School for Technology and Innovation. Today, as a Business lab for society, we couldn’t pass up the chance to participate in Europe’s biggest Innovation and Entrepreneurship event.

GEM will present its courses and talents in the fields of Management of Technology, Innovation and Entrepreneurship, among them some of our very own students and alumni…

Meet Julien Vidal, GEM ESC 2018 and CEO & Cofonunder of AZmed :

AZmed’s mission is to automate basic diagnostics and reporting in order to allow radiologists to concentrate on tasks where they bring real added value.  

The company is currently developing highly sensitive deep learning algorithms to assist radiologists in their diagnostics,  

This technology allows doctors to reduce medical errors and save time by helping them analyze medical images in order to spot any abnormalities in X-rays, which can be difficult for overworked doctors to detect when they are constantly under pressure to quickly give results. 

Watch the video 

Two tech innovations 

Through tech development, the company plans to rely heavily on artificial intelligence and deep learning in order to: 

  • Facilitate radiology services in hospital emergency rooms by ensuring pretreatment of traumas and reducing the wait time for results through automated reports 
  • Increase treatment quality by freeing up time for physicians to interact with their patients. This is an opportunity for medical staff, who often feel like nothing more than technical operators, to fully practice their careers. 
  • Allow researchers and radiologists to detect patterns in complex data thanks to medical imaging. The technology is capable of recognizing subtle tendencies that would otherwise be outside the scope of doctors due to human error. This new information will be key in preventing diagnostic errors and will greatly add to knowledge about the patient's trauma. 

This solution will help physicians make clinical decisions faster and with better accuracy with the help of computer reports that reduce superfluous variations. The technology improves productivity and helps radiologists manage their workload all while improving patient results. 

Faced with high expectations for efficiency and productivity, the AZmed offers an indisputable solution for increased productivity who will be able to concentrate fully on the core of their career: improving each individual patient outcome by using data to their maximum potential.

Julien Vidal GEM ESC 2018- CEO & Cofondateur

Julien holds a Master’s degree from Grenoble Ecole de Management as well as a specialization in entrepreneurship from Universidad de Complutense de Madrid. He first gained experience in big banking groups such as Rothschild and Crédit Agricole. These first experiences allowed him to develop an expertise in investment and financial management in the European startup scene.

9 startups presented by GEM

  •     Andyamo: Tourist activity generator and pedestrian GPS for people with limited mobility
  •     Azmed: software that detects and locates bone lesions on fractures 
  •     Neojobs : Branding and recruitment game for companies; evaluation and brand analysis tool 
  •     New body technology: e-health application that evaluates posture and follows up anytime, anywhere 
  •     Odonatech: Gamified profiling applications for financial advisors  
  •     Place: Application about various types of events available in Paris (political, economic, social)  
  •     Pulse Origin : Universal wireless projection solution for meeting and training rooms
  •     Skilters: Recruitment platform that cuts out the time-consuming part of the process 
  •     Dark Sky Map:  Application that makes astronomy accessible to all and spreads awareness about light pollution

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