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Grégoire Martel,GEM ESC 2006, wins 1st prize at the EOS Global Blockchain Hackathon for his project ID PASS

Gregoire Martel GEM ESC 2006
Published on
20 September 2018

ID PASS won the Grand Prize of $100,000 USD, beating out 90 other teams at the EOS Global Blockchain Hackathon in Hong Kong on June 10, 2018. They will compete in the Grand Finale on December 8, 2018.

The ID PASS project took home the Grand Prize of $100,000 USD at the EOS Global Blockchain Hackathon in Hong Kong, the biggest blockchain hackathon ever organized in terms of total prize money ( $1.5 million USD). ID PASS confronted over 350 participants — in 90 teams — for 26 hours, all attempting to build innovative solutions based on Eosio infrastructure. EOS confirmed ID PASS’s victory via their Twitter account on July 12th.

Official video

Using blockchain technology and biometrics, ID PASS aims to offer Self-Sovereign identity to over one billion people in the world who live with no officially recognized proof of identity.

The ID PASS project was born within Newlogic, a Singapore-based software company founded by Jérémy Bethmont, Loïc Bistuer, Jeremi Joslin and Gregoire Martel, GEM ESC 2006. For the hackathon event, they joined forces with Paul Wehner, SOV co-founder, and Raman Shalupau, founder at Crypto Jobs List. Project Manager Raphaël Dauzat, GEM ESC 2006, has also been a crucial part to the project since the hackathon.


Without identification, it is nearly impossible to access education, justice, healthcare, banking, insurance, voting, and other services and benefits.
However, having an identity document can also constitute a threat to the individual’s privacy and safety.

ID PASS provides an open source platform that delivers a trusted Self-Sovereign Identity to the most vulnerable populations. It is a form of identification that is trusted, secure, and allows the bearer to choose when to share or withhold personal information. With ID PASS, thse individuals are able to prove their identity without relying on a shared central database that could be used to track them. This is exactly where the blockchain comes into action, as it enables the use of cryptographic proof to validate authenticity rather than, for instance, a government’s seal. The user’s personal data is never stored by the blockchain, rather it remains on the individual’s personal card and can be identified by trusted organizations (NGOs, governmental organizations, etc).

What's next ?

Newlogic will use all of its gains to finance the open source development of a first version of ID PASS and plans to create a foundation in order to guarantee the project’s independence. The team is simultaneously getting ready for the EOS Global Blockchain Hackathon Grand Finale that will take place on December 8th. For the moment, the location is still under wraps.

The members of the ID PASS team have also been selected to showcase their solution at the Village as part of the Blockchain Live conference that will take place in London on September 26th. 

Newlogic is a Singpore-based company specialized in blockhain and biometric, specifically in the humanitarian sector. The four founders are Jérémy Bethmont, Loïc Bistuer, Jérémi Joslin (EPITECH) and Grégoire Martel (Grenoble Ecole de Management). Newlogic has offices across Southeast Asia (Singapore, Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam and Laos) and currently employs a staff of 35 people.  

ID PASS is a project started by Newlogic that aims to provide a decentralized but verifiable form of identity to more than one billion people in the world who live with no officially recognized proof of identity. 

Founded in 2017, is the company behind the EOS blockchain and the EOSIO software solution, the most powerful infrastructure for decentralized applications. raised more than 4 million USD, the biggest initial coin offering (ICO) in history.

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