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"GEM of the Year" Awards Ceremony at the 2020 Gala

Published on
26 January 2020

On Saturday, January 25th, 2020, "the GEM of the Year" awards were distributed during the graduation Gala for the class of 2019. 

It was during the majestic Gala dinner that the recipients, Béatrice De Noray GEM PGE 1996, Chun Wing Lam GEM 2019, Ugo Mahin GEM PGE 2015, Céline Chung GEM PGE 2013 & Charles Yvon GEM IFC 2013, were invited on stage to accept their awards in front of their peers.

GEM Startup of the Year 

The Groupe Bao Family’s first restaurant, Petit Bao is revolutionizing Chinese dining in Paris. The award was given to its founder: Céline Chung GEM PGE 2013


GEM Dedicated Alumni of the Year 

For his consistent involvement with us over the past several years as well as the decisive role he played in the organization of the 2019 GEM Alumni Convention at Wavestone: Ugo Mahin GEM PGE 2015


GEM Althete of the Year 

 The first Chinese dancer to join the Paris Opera’s ballet corps: Chun Wing Lam GEM 2019


GEM Entrepreneur of the Year

For taking over the family business of hand-made luxury umbrellas “Le véritable Cherbourg": Charles Yvon GEM IFC 2013


GEM of the Year

Former President of the Junior Enterprise student association, for her recent promotion to General Director of France for Groupe BEL: Béatrice de Noray GEM PGE 1996


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