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GEM Awards of the year 2015 – Startup category

Published on
04 November 2015

This award recognizes the founder (or founders) of a young company, which made the headlines in 2015.
The winner has been selected upon his action for the development of GEM's brand. He demonstrated that the school values which are "the Management of Technology and Innovation" are pillars to achieve oustanding projects.

Jean-Luc Vallejo - GEM MS MTI 2009

«The Slate »  is an intelligent digital slate created by Jean-Luc Vallejo (founder of the startup ISKN). This innovative product has been labelled "Connected Object 2015".

The Slate allows designers, illustrators, drawers and all creative folks to instantly digitize their paper drawings onto iPad, while continuing to draw with their favorite pencil (on paper).

The startup had fundraised 2 millions dollars (as announced at the CES Los Angeles 2015).

Jean-Luc Vallejo GEM MS 2009 MTI is successful in all areas of the GEM DNA: Entrepreneurship, Innovation, Technology and the School of the Future!


To attend the GEM Awards ceremony, register to the Alumni Gala (Jan. 23rd in Paris).