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04 December 2017

Every year the GEM Alumni network attributes the GEM Awards
Nominees are chosen among alumni involved in developing our school’s image

GEM Inspiring Talent

Nora Stolz – GEM MIB 2008

CEO & Founder of Cadouu Ltd

Several words immediately come to mind when you mention Nora – Driven, Convincing, focused, in short, inspirational. When you see the names of the companies for whom she has worked since her MIB with GEM in 2008, one cannot help but be impressed: J.P.Morgan, Morgan Stanley, PIMCO and BlackRock to name but a few.

Daring to leave a VP position in the city with the largest asset management firm in the world to create a startup company in Germany, mad or an example to follow?

Nora has convinced like-minded professionals to join her in this adventure and the project is in its second year….

She has not stopped there, but has also created a networking breakfast club to empower women. One foot in Berlin, one still in London, Nora is always open to meeting GEMs and exploring new ideas. An inspiration to future generations of GEM professionals


GEM Startup of the year - Picked by peers

Julien Bengué GEM MSE 2014 – ESC 2011

Co-Founder and director of La Winerie Parisienne

Julien has always been involved in school life: President of the Junior Enterprise then active member of GEM Entreprendre. He then continued on with the #GEMAlumni network: Class Representative, starting the Group GEM Alumni Entrepreneurs ... Upon leaving school, he was already well on his way to entrepreneurship. With La Winerie Parisienne, he reinvents the wine industry in Ile-de-France from sorting table, vats, barrels, and a bottling line to condition the wines. The winery brings together grape varieties from the greatest French “terroirs/regions” in order to create unique blends for his line of wines "Made In Paris". Recently Julien and his partner Adrien launched a crowdfunding campaign to bring vineyards back to the Ile de France region.
Let's bet that it is the friendly and offbeat side of his business that has earned him votes from his peers.


Entrepreneurs GEM of the year

Emilien Eychenne GEM ESC 2008 & Xavier Mariani GEM ESC 2009

Co-founders and directors of Adikteev 

Founded in late 2012, Adikteev has always been able to anticipate the many changes in the digital advertising market by putting innovation and technology at the heart of its strategy. Having regularly updated what they offer, based on its R&D, the company has also grown organically in a very dynamic way. With the acquisitions of Motionlead in mid-2015 and Trademob at the end of 2016, Adikteev is positioning itself as the leading mobile marketing platform, offering its customers (advertisers, media agencies and mobile application developers) solutions to meet all their digital business and communication challenges.
Indeed, Adikteev covers the entire conversion tunnel; whether it's creating brand awareness, driving qualified traffic to a site, acquiring new users for an app, or building on the value of existing ones. Today, the company has more than 85 employees, more than a third of which work in R&D, and has achieved a turnover of € 20 million in 2016.


GEM of the year

François Vauthier GEM ESC 2006

Financial Director of SFR – Altice Group.

Since 2011, François has held various management positions within the Altice Group and its subsidiaries. He has strong international and operational experience, thanks to his involvement in France, Portugal, Israel and the Dominican Republic. Before joining the Altice Group, François began his career at Ernst & Young Paris in Audit and later in Transaction Services. Former Treasurer of the Junior Enterprise, François is regularly involved with the school (admissions juries, recruitment, partnerships, ...). His appointment as CFO of SFR - Altice Group triggered various press articles and generated ample social media buzz, honoring not only François, but also our school as a whole.

Awards ceremony at the GEM Gala: saturday january 27th  

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