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GEM Alumni: The Network with no membership fees!

Published on
25 March 2019

Did you know?
The GEM Alumni Network brings together all graduates of Grenoble Ecole de Management and there are no membership fees!

Our network serves as a source of inspiration and is a perfect platform to share knowledge and experience through peer-to-peer exchanges as well as contact with our school’s professors and researchers. This enables lifelong learning even after graduation! Our network permits these exchanges and offers moments to grow and compare our ideas … it is an accelerator of opportunities and encounters, allowing us to discover and explore common interests and similarities.  


We are constantly working to adapt our network, evolving it based on how you use it, that is why we decided to get rid of membership fees over 5 years ago, instead offering you an array of “a la carte” services that give everyone the freedom to select any paid options according to their own needs, desires and expectations.

Based on the info in our directory, with the support of the Grenoble-based GEM Alumni Relations Team and thanks to the tireless commitment of our valued volunteer chapter coordinators all around the world, our network strives to offer you a variety of regular get-togethers, news updates, conferences, and communities in line with your career and sector of activity … 

No membership fees 

As a GEM graduate, you have access to a wide range of opportunities and services including the Directory, invitations to GEM Alumni events, the GEM Alumni Mag, and the tools available from the GEM Alumni CareerLab

Dedicated volunteers

All of this relies heavily upon the involvement of more than 100 dedicated #GEMAlumni volunteers that coordinate our geographic and interest-based chapters around the world. They organize both free and paid events and the idea behind them is simple: each participant pays his/her own way.

Get-Together in Bordeaux, November 18, 2018


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Should you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact the GEM Alumni Relations Team


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