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GEM Alumni Leaders Summit

Published on
01 February 2017

GEM Alumni leaders came from Singapore, Georgia, Bejing, Hong Kong, Shanghaï, Paris, Bogota, Moscou, Grenoble, Lyon, Montréal, London, Luxembourg, New Delhi and Mexico for the first Alumni Leaders Summit and Gala at Grenoble Ecole de Management – 27th and 28th January.

Why a GEM Alumni leaders Summit ? 

“Our goal was to help our volunteers around the world understand the scope of GEM today as well as create a sense of belonging and good will” said Susan Nallet, Director of Careers, Alumni and Recruiter Engagement,  “this Summit is a part of our involved Alumni reward program”.

Few comments from alumni who attended : 

Frédéric Gaillot - GEM ESC 1997

I’ve been strongly impressed by the attention paid to all details, by the commitment and the professionalism everyone - students, teachers, staff - demonstrated during these days, by the coherence and the strength of the messages we received. It goes beyond words how I feel energized and positive about the way people at GEM are shaping its future. You can count on every single Alumni to echo your messages into the business world and on our support to turn your initiatives into successes

Guillaume Alonso - GEM ESC 2014

I'm proud to be part of this amazing network with all the wonderful people I met during the summit.
Be sure we'll do our best to make The GEM brand and our network one of the most dynamic and innovative of all the business schools.

Kevin Castel - GEM ESC 2012

I would like to thank you and your team for the amazing job that you have done for the Alumni Leader Summit. I have been impressed by the organization of this event. Thank you for this opportunity to collaborate as team with the communities and clubs around the world

Olivier Blanc - GEM ESC 1998

This Summit inspires Ideas to connect Alumni talents together in France and everywhere!

Ludovic Millequant - GEM ESC 1999

It was great meeting this amazing team of Alumni Leaders. Nobody will ever feel alone now!

Annabelle Ruet - GEM ESC 2010

Je souhaitais une nouvelle fois vous remercier pour l'Alumni Summit ! pour l'organisation et le contenu ! c'était riche et tellement bien de pouvoir tous se rencontrer !
Nous avons d’ores et déjà prévu un déjeuner mercredi prochain avec Olivier et d'autres membres de Gem Alumni in Lyon pour mettre en œuvre des actions...

To be followed

Back in the communities they are responsible for, our GEM Alumni Leaders will continue to develop our international network with new tools, new vision and a lot of energy.

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