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ECONOMIC PEACE : "Wealth and profits, yes, but for what?"

Published on
02 October 2019

Dominique Steiler, GEM DBA 2005, Senior professor at Grenoble Ecole de Management and chairholder of the Economic Peace, Mindfulness and Well-Being at work chair will share his research during a conference at the GEM Alumni Convention 2019...

* This conference will be in French 

Talking about peace is not always easy. Talking about economic peace requires even more commitment as the business world is built on an aggressive ideal that fights against the idea of ​​a more collaborative economy and sometimes refuses to ask a key question: "Wealth and profits, yes, what for ?" 
Pacified does not mean who ignores or erases difficulties, mistakes, and conflicts, it would be to deny and refuse life. On the contrary, it is more a matter of being educated to recognize them than to hide them and open oneself to them with discernment in order to debate and create appropriate solutions. It is an effort, stimulating and tiring, for which we must be prepared and that we must, therefore, teach and develop.

Economic peace does not stand as a fixed concept and does not impose an ideal to achieve. In the musical sense, it creates a counterpoint to the notion of economic warfare - it makes several melodic lines converse together. Thus, it does not oppose the benefits, but questions the evil part they contain; what was destroyed at the individual, social or ecological level to reach this financial result? 
It is a form of indignation facing the wanderings of the economic world, but more than that, a motto aiming to set citizen energies in motion for a greater contribution to the common good and for the benefits to really play their etymological role of "benefits".  Evolving from a "cost killer" buyer, who does not care about the probable disappearance of a dying supplier, to a collaborative buyer is just one example of concrete action that can be taken.


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Dominique Steiler, holds a Doctorate of Business Administration from the University of Newcastle Business School. He is currently a Senior Professor at Grenoble Ecole de Management where he is also Associate Director of Economic Peace Deployment and Chairholder of the Economic Peace, Mindfulness and Well-being at Work Chair that he founded in 2012. 

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