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Did you know ? GEM Alumni are eligible to join the GEM Research Experts Panel!

Published on
14 June 2019

Learn more about what it means to be part of the GEM Research Experts Panel and stay up to date on Innovation, Sales, Entrepreneurship and Marketing Topics.

Research @ GEM - Experts Panel in a glance :

  • Share expert opinions and find out what other experts have to say on key topics related to Innovation, Product Management, Sales, and Marketing
  • Get access to webinars, high-level Research publications, and videos in preview on current hot topics related to Marketing or Innovation.
  • Gain insights on the latest research in Innovation, Product Management, Sales, and Marketing directly from professors at Grenoble Ecole de Management
  • Be a contributing member of an exclusive community focused on bridging academic research with key managerial insights

It is easy to get started!

We kindly ask you to tick the box “Being part of the panel for Research” in your personal account - Complete my interest : 

Learn More about what it means to be part of the Research @ GEM - Experts Panel

Several times a year we will submit surveys to our expert panel. Depending on your topic of expertise, there will be between one to three surveys every 6 months. In exchange for your valuable input, you will receive:
• A short summary of key results on the survey you have participated in
• A webinar on a topic related to the survey you responded to, 
• Videos in preview on a hot topic of research

We will inform you about the availability of these options, depending on the survey topic and length. As a Research @ GEM - Expert Panel, you will typically participate in several surveys a year. 
We will specify you the length of the survey as well as its language via the invitation email. Please note that some surveys will be in English, or in French, or both. 


Your opinion and experience on the topic (Marketing, Sales, New Product Development, Entrepreneurship or Innovation – depending on the survey) is highly relevant to us. Involving experts, such as yourself, enables us to carry out impactful research and provide top-quality education. We therefore seek to connect with you to exchange information on relevant business topics that will inform both research (for us) and practice (for you). We greatly value your expertise, and we would be very thankful for your contribution. 


Your opinions, information, and advice are confidential. We would not reveal your answers without your explicit permission. We will combined your answers with some from others experts. They will be analyzed anonymously, and be summarized as statistics. Your name/address or your company’s name/address will not be used for advertisement purposes or sold to third parties. We appreciate your trust, and be sure we will treat your information carefully and sensibly. 

For more information on our Privacy Policy, go to the Expertise Panel Agreement Information at

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