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07 Mar 2017

A big thank you the 2,164 fans of the GEM Alumni Facebook page

For its one-year anniversary, the GEM Alumni Facebook Page reached 2,000 fans !

Dear Alumni,

Thank you for your likes,
your comments,
your shares,

Our goal was to reach 2,000 fans before summer 2017: we did it 4 months before the deadline THANKS TO YOU! 

For a little over a year, the GEM Alumni Team has managed this page that is dedicated to you, your nominations, your career paths, and your achievements, all while sharing information about the school’s network and activities.

Our new goal is to raise the bar by having a social media following comparable to other top schools: 6,000 fans for HEC Alumni and 9,000 fans for EDHEC and ESSEC Alumni.

On our end, we’ll continue to provide you with interesting posts that we count on you to like, comment on, and share!

Invite your friends to like our Facebook page, GEM Alumni!

Equipe GEM Alumni

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