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Benoit Giroud to demo Pulse Origin at GEM’s Vivatech booth

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09 April 2019

GEM was founded as a Management School for Technology and Innovation. Today, as a Business lab for society, we couldn’t pass up the chance to participate in Europe’s biggest Innovation and Entrepreneurship event.

GEM will present its courses and talents in the fields of Management of Technology, Innovation and Entrepreneurship, among them some of our very own students and alumni…

Meet Benoit Giroud, GEM MS 2001 & Co-founder of Pulse Origin:

Founded in 2014, Pulse Origin is a Grenoble-based company created by Benoit Giroud and Franck Rousseau, a LIG researcher who specializes in wireless technologies. The company participated in GEM’s incubator program and was supported by INP Entreprise (Grenoble INP), Pertinence Invest, and several local business angels during its growth stage.


Pulse origin specializes in the development of embedded software solutions for digital workplaces. The company develops collaborative services that can be integrated into routers anywhere in the workplace from meeting, huddle and training spaces to coffee lounges.

The Product

Pulse Origin 's first product, the Pulse Box, allows users to easily share content on the main screen display by ensuring a wireless projection from any device (smartphones, tablets, computers, etc). The user doesn’t need any special application or accessory for the device in question which makes using our solution very simple. The Pulse Box guaranties your data protection (no shared data is saved) in order to protect the privacy of each user.
The product is a solution that is constantly evolving and, as it develops, strives to integrate new functions to offer to our clients.

Why are they at Vivatech? 

Firstly, Pulse Origin is proud to be the first French company to enter into this domain of activity with a product 100 percent “Made in France”.
Benoit hopes to continue to continue to grow visibility of the project and its progress. Another one of the company’s objectives is to establish ties with partners from the digital world who might be interested in integrating their services into the router. This method has helped them in the past since they met one of their current partners at a previous Vivatech event as visitors.

Wanna come to Vivatech? 

All GEM Alumni have access to reduced rates ! 

See prices and reserve your ticket

Benoit Giroud GEM MS 2001
Entrepreneur by nature, dynamic, and committed to innovation, his number one priority is supporting the user experience. Firm believer in collective intelligence and teamwork around an imaginative common vision #DigitalWorkplace #BYOD “Phygital 

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The 9 startups presented by GEM

  •     Andyamo : Tourist activity generator and pedestrian GPS for people with limited mobility
  •     Azmed : software that detects and locates bone lesions on fractures 
  •     Neojobs : Branding and recruitment game for companies; evaluation and brand analysis tool 
  •     New body technology : e-health application that evaluates posture and follows up anytime, anywhere
  •     Odonatech : Gamified profiling applications for financial advisors 
  •     Place : Application about various types of events available in Paris (political, economic, social) 
  •     Pulse Origin: Universal wireless projection solution for meeting and training rooms 
  •     Skilters : Recruitment platform that cuts out the time-consuming part of the process 
  •     Dark Sky Map : Application that makes astronomy accessible to all and spreads awareness about light pollution

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