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Absolute Liberation : written by a GEM alumnus

Published on
10 November 2015

Gurpreet Kang GEM MIB 2008 is proud to share with GEM Alumni the publication of his book "Absolute Liberation".

If you are looking for new opportunities to succeed in any ever changing world, check out.

Here is some information about the book.
The world you knew is long gone. A new world has replaced it.

On one side, this new world seems eclipsed where depression, dissatisfaction and financial worries are ruling our lives. Jobs are vanishing and salaries are not increasing as fast as inflation. Society is drowning in debt and people are feeling trapped.

On the other hand, millions of new opportunities are being created every day in this new world.
These opportunities offer unlimited happiness, fulfillment and financial gains. They provide a real chance to succeed and a possibility to create multiple sources of income and get rid of your financial worries forever.

But the big question is how to grab these new emerging opportunities and how to make the changes in your thought process to be able to overcome the challenges of an eclipsed world.

Along with case studies, interviews and examples –Absolute Liberation will take you through the step-by-step process of what you need and more importantly what you do not need to succeed.