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4th Annual ARS - Alumni Relations Seminar

Published on
26 January 2020

The Alumni Relations Seminar, the GEM Alumni volunteer coordinators’ annual meet up, took place in Grenoble January 23-25, 2020.

For the past four years, the GEM Alumni Relations Team has invited the global GEM Alumni chapters’ volunteer coordinators to attend a seminar in Grenoble in order to experience different workshops together and talk about their experience animating their respective communities.
Twenty-four participants from all over the world made the trip to Grenoble for the occasion. The agenda included sessions about the role of a coordinator, tools available, and plans for the year to come, but also more festive activities like the graduation ceremony and Gala celebration… not to mention the chance to collaborate with GEM’s executive board of directors.

International Chapters

The following geographical chapters were represented at this year’s event: GEM Alumni in Bogota, Rio de Janeiro/Sao Paolo, New York, Montréal, Genève/Lausanne, Zurich, Moscow, Singapore, Shanghai, Lille, Paris, Nice/Côte d'Azur, Grenoble, Los Angeles, New Delhi, Miami, Brusels, Ottawa, Bordeaux, Dublin & Amsterdam.

The various workshops took place in a relaxed environment with the common goal of further developing our network together.

Distributing the graduation scarves

A symbolic welcome to the network: Before getting on stage for the graduation ceremony, the 24 participants had the pleasure of distributing graduation scarves to the class of 2019 along with the class’s sponsor, Franck Ladegaillerie, GEM PGE 1989.


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