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2018 GEM of the Year Awards: Jean-Luc Vecchio GEM ESC 1994 "GEM of the year"

Jean-Luc Vecchio
Published on
31 January 2019

Every year the GEM Alumni network awards the GEM Trophies.
The award-winners are chosen among the graduates who are enhancing GEM's reputation and brand.

Meet Jean-Luc Vecchio GEM ESC 1994 whose success demonstrates that GEM’s expertise in Management of Technology and Innovation are excellent tools that pave the way for extraordinary achievements.

GEM of the year

1994 GEM graduate Jean-Luc is first and foremost a developer who is passionate about adding to his list of «firsts»: opening a new market, launching a new global software program, winning over a new client, joining new teams...

For over 20 years now, he has been immersed in the realms of «Enterprise Information Management» and «Business Process Services». After having sold a company, of which he was co-associate and CEO, to the Grenoble Group TESSI, he is now member of TESSI’s executive committee and is in charge of its consulting activities and integration (Europe).

Jean-Luc is also attached to the Alpine region because he has a passion for snow sports.

Awards Ceremony

The 4 categories: “GEM Athlete of the Year”, “GEM Entrepreneur of the Year”, “GEM Startup of the Year”, and “GEM of the Year” will be awarded to recipients at the GEM GALA on February 2nd, 2019 at Grenoble’s Summum.


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