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Laurent Bernaud's testimonial

Hello all,
I am Laurent Bernaud (MSc Finance Singapore 2013-2015)

I was able to get a summer internship at Bloomberg London in 2012 via GEM Graduate Network. Then I decided to do a gap-year of internships (this is possible on the ESC programme). Finally I was able to sign very quickly for a full time job at Bloomberg Singapore while I was doing the first year of my MSc Finance in 2013-2014.

I am currently working at the Bloomberg Analytics desk in Singapore. This department aims to help all our users in their usage of the terminal (the core Bloomberg terminal). I am currently a senior specialist in fixed income after 1 year and a half. Each of us (we are around 700 in the world in this department) gets specialized into an asset class to become a market specialist.

In my day to day job, I am interacting with clients during electronic chats, physical visits, and external trainings. They come up to me with very diverse issues they are facing in their job. For instance:
- What are the market forecasts for the interest rates in the coming future?
- How can I use excel to get directly the data from the terminal into spreadsheets?
(I work in partnership with other departments to build customized templates)

Questions can become very complex and we sometimes need to work with Bloomberg programmers and Quants (Financial engineers) in order to come up with a tailor-made solution.

What I like about my job is the fact that I am learning every day something new, because financial markets knowledge is so vast, you cannot possibly know everything after graduating. Also, being able to go and visit clients (often traders, portfolio managers, analysts) to help them in their job, to learn from them, and to develop relationships with them is very rewarding, especially when you are only 25 and it is your first job. On top of that, career progression and employee benefits are an additional motivation to grow your career within this great firm.

The work atmosphere at Bloomberg is very fast-paced. We always need to multi-task and excellence is a requirement as we are market leaders in technology/finance. The employees at Bloomberg are young and very open-minded across the globe which encourages us to collaborate with each other in open working environment (sitting is flexible).

As a conclusion, I would definitely recommend this job/company to anybody who is open-minded, curious about finance (we welcome all degree specializations) and who wants to have a sales/business impact early in his/her career.

Happy to help if anybody is interested in working at Bloomberg!