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  • GEM Awards of the year 2015 – Entrepreneur Category

    Published on 04 November 2015

    The winner has been selected upon his actions for the development of GEM's brand. He demonstrated that the school values which are "the Management of Technology and Innovation" are pillars to achieve oustanding projects.

  • GEM Awards of the year 2015

    Published on 04 November 2015

    This year, two trophies will be rewarded (instead of one on previous year).

  • Mail inbox now closing for Alumni

    Published on 15 October 2015

    The email inbox is part of the student services portfolio. Are you still using it as an alumn?

  • GEM China Alumni Club (GCAC)

    Published on 21 September 2015

    GEM China Alumni Club (GCAC) was launched last year to build and develop a strong alumni community in China with the support of our GEM Regional Office in Shanghai.