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Exhibitors on the Alumni Day 2015 showroom

Discover the #madeinGEM startups exhibiting on the showroom of the Alumni Day on Nov. 28, 2015 at GEM Paris campus.


Give a digital life to your paper drawings!
The Slate is a digital
writing surface that allows paper/pencil lovers scan their notes, sketches and drawings. 

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iTU Espace Design
Charlotte Felix-Faure GEM MIB 2008 - GEM BIB 2006

iTU Espace Design presents a unique collection of life-style and decor creations resulting from the rich artistic traditions and cultures of Southern Africa. The creations have been designed and handcrafted by artisans and artists working within non profit organisations and by artists employing people from disadvantaged areas.

Mini biography of the founders:
Charlotte Felix-Faure is from Johannesburg, South Africa, and is presently based in Grenoble, France. Charlotte has graduated with a Bachelor and a Master in International Business at Grenoble Ecole de Management in 2006 and in 2008 respectively. She founded her company iTU Espace Design, a faire-trade art and design boutique/gallery working with Southern African artisans, artists and fashion designers in November 2009. She is presently a dual PhD candidate in Business Administration at the "Université Grenoble Alpes" in France and at the University of Witwatersrand in Johannesburg, South Africa, while running her business and being a mom to a 5 year old little boy and a 2 year old little girl.

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Alexandre BICHET, GEM ESC 2014

The Wifi pocket solution for tourists staying in France and Europe.

Mini biography of the founders:
Alexandre BICHET, 25, GEM Alumnus 2014
"During my last year at ESC Grenoble, I did a Master in Entrepreneurship and quickly realised that it is in the field of project management and entrrepeneurship that I am the happiest man in the world. Every morning, I wake up with new ideas, and I like to discuss about them  with my team."

Matthieu BICHET, 29, ESDES Alumnus 2009
"After five years in an audit firm as Head of mission, it was time for me to stand on my own and run my own business. With the experience I acquired, I am starting this new challenge with a positive dynamism and methodology. I love to travel and discover the world."

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Jérémy LIPP, GEM ESC 2001

Limber is a content marketing platform allowing entreprises multiply the visibilty of their content on the web and social networks.

Mini biography of the founders:
Jeremy Lipp (CEO and co-founder) GEM Alumnus 2001,  successively held different management positions in communication at be it Lyonnaise des Eaux and Steria, or Bonitasoft. He co-founded Limber in January 2015 and is leading it as Director.

Bertrand Barbet (CMO and co-founder) is in charge of marketing and sales development at Limber. Alumni of ESC Rennes, Bertrand has more than 8 years experience in online/offline marketing online acquired in startups and large companies.

Yhon Acurio (CTO and co-founder) Holds a Master's Degree from the University of Nantes and an engineering degree from the University of Cuzco. Yhon has +10 years of experience in design, architecture and development of Java applications. At Limber, Yhon manages all technical platform developments.

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Alban CHARRIERE, GEM ESC 2008 is THE website to find information on nearby drugstores and access real-time prices and stock of health/beauty products.

Mini biography of the founders:
Pharmanity has been created by two passionate men: Samuel Mottin, pharmacist with experience in both pharmacy and pharmaceutical laboratories and Alban Charriere, a graduate of Grenoble Ecole de Management, who worked 5 years in web marketing and communications in the health sector.

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Geoffroy LASNE, GEM ESC 2009

Events, photography and digital marketing, Photopro.Event advises and assists entreprises with photo reports, value-added picture entertainment devices and brand activation with digital marketing platform.

Mini biography of the founders:
After his graduation at ESC Grenoble, Geoffroy Lasne starts his own business as independant photographer! Three years later, he decides to join Damien Keller (founder of Photopro.Event). Today, his is a very happy entrepreneur and photograph!

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Purple Wine
Nicolas MAZET, GEM ESC 2002

Purple Wine, for the passion of wine : wine events, oenology trainings, consulting and wine sales.

Mini biography of the founders:
Nicolas Mazet has nearly 32 years when he decided to change life: his busy Parisian dynamic framework and his job in an innovative subsidiary of Publicis Group (which he obtained at the end of his studies in Grenoble in 2002). The world of wine has been calling him for a long time. Nicolas increases his knowledge around tasting all over France and obtains a recognized diploma course: WSET (Wine Spirit Education & Trust). Joined by Gregory (his faithful GEM friend), more familiar with finance than with the wine universe, his oenology project is moving to a new stage.

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Rodolfo Mitchell GEM MBA 2016
Francisco Nieto GEM MBA 2016

We are a safe and eco-friendly community that provides an online platform for car drivers and passengers to share a ride while going to work, school or home as part of their daily life.

Rodolfo Mitchell
I enrolled in top French business school Grenoble École de Management last year and will graduate in 2016 and I plan to mix the 10 years’ experience I has as a central banker in Mexico with the his new MBA skill-set, particularly his fresh views on innovation and entrepreneurship and their impact on the economy.

Francisco Nieto
15 years of international experience in Sales, Marketing, Business Development and Customer Experience. Entrepreneur, GGSB MBA Student, Electronics Engineer and Skydiver interested in entrepreneurship, innovation, leadership and talent development who seeks to add value between past experience and lessons learned in order to have a balanced perception of social, environmental and businesses needs to develop solutions in the sharing economy.

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Vinyl it
Pierre CREFF, GEM ESC 2014

Vinyl it allows you to create your own vinyl record with the titles of your choice. The platform also offers a selection of best discs of the moment and thematic compilations.

Mini biography of the founders:
Pierre Creff (GEM Alumnus) founded Vinyl it with Clément Guillot (a web developer graduated from Epitech). After being nominated amongst the 30 most innovative startups in the Midem music industry, Mathias Prost (GEM Alumnus) and Gayard Benedict (Epitech Alumnus) joined the business development team. The experiences of Pierre and Mathias at Universal Music, Deezer or BETC Music have given them the necessary network to develop the concept of Vinyl it, while the SSII experiences of Clement and Benedict gave them the necessary features to develop such an ambitious project.

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GEM ESC 2014

First crowd-promoting platform allowing the promotion of videos on social networks.

Mini biography of the founders:
After his engineering degree at EISTI, Sina Movaghar integrates a double diploma at GEM to acquire the necessary competences to create his startup Wazaad. The startup has been incubated at IncubaGEM in 2013 and Sina worked with his associate Maxime Le Maître (an ISTEC Alumnus).

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Xavier DUMONT, GEM ESC 2011

Weelob is the first online marketplace dedicated to connected and intelligent objects. We created a short distribution channel startups - Weelob - customers with high added value for both the buyer and the seller.

Mini biography of the founders:
From communication to webdesign, Matthieu Rodrigues (CEO & Co-founder) is a passionate, curiosity-driven autodidact. He launched Weelob at the time when Apple's products were "about-to-be" innovation breakthroughs.

GEM Alumnus, specialised in webmarketing, Xavier Dumont (CTO & Co-founder) joins Matthieu after two years in a web agency as webdesigner and webdeveloper. He loves to always keep an eye on market trends.

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Winerie Parisienne
Julien BENGUE,
GEM ESC 2011

La Winerie Parisienne rend hommage aux Halles aux Vins parisiennes en embouteillant des vins fins et décomplexés à Paris.

Mini biography of the founders:
Discovering wines while travelling across the globe during four years (Australia, US, Hong Kong), Adrien Pélissié has managed to develop a Bordeaux wine property on the international scene.  Back from his trips, he created the Cuvée Jeanne de Lestonnac in honour of the Saint Patron of the city of Bordeaux with a double objective:  reinstall the ancestral Bordeaux winemaking techniques and support a charity network present on five continents. In 2015, he launches the first French urban winery in Paris: Parisian Winerie. Adrien holds several diploma: MBA Wine & Spirits 2014, MIM from Kedge Business School 2011, and IUT TC Seals 2007.

Julien Bengué, entrepreneur; he intervenes since 2010 as innovation strategy consultant, combining a good knowledge of digital technologies and their applications in traditional industries such as media, industry and services.

In 2012, he creates the #1 magazine for startups and entrepreneurs in France and publishes "Backpack" the bible of the entrepreneurs (8000 copies). In 2015, he launches the first French urban winery in Paris: Parisian Winerie. Julien graduated from GEM MS Entrepreneurs 2014, GEM ESC 2011, and IUT of Sceaux 2007.

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Romaric GOMART, GEM MIB 2007

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Junior Entreprise
Benjamin SAUVAGE, GEM ESC 2017

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