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Story Telling - bringing value & benefits to your career

[17] [Mar 2016] [ 7:00 pm] [ ]

Grenoble Ecole de Management / Paris

64/70 rue du Ranelagh

JOB CONFERENCE: Story telling is about composing personal stories and presenting oneself in a more personable, creative, and powerful way to interviewers.

Storytelling is the art of composing and sharing personal experiencies to present yourself in a more creative, human and powerful way to interviewers.

It is crucial for your job search. Generally, we tend to enumerate facts and experiences in chronological order, competences and activities as part of a list without having concrete examples and / or results as part of our presentation. The person in front is therefore left with a bulk of rational information without being able to connect at the emotional level, which most of the times makes the difference.

Try a new way of sharing your precious experiences, help your interlocutor to better understand you, move from facts to emotions. Open the book of your life, talk about your values, about your career choices with regards to what makes you vibrate, smile, get out of the bed in the mornings! Be confident enough to expose your vision of the job, and moreover your vision of the world. Dare to make a difference, show your uniqueness against other candidates and get the job!

Come and discover the storytelling art with Claudia Garcia, consultant and professional trainer. Founder of DareTo, a consulting firm specialized on leadership development.

NB: this conference will be in english!

NB : The value of this conférence of 15 euros is offered to you as GEM Alumni. To benefit from this offer, use the blow code upon registration:

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