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London Summer Picnic

[30] [Jul 2016] [ 12:00 pm] [ ]

Regent’s Park

Regent’s Park
South of the boating lake

Last informal meeting to chill out before the summer break!

GEM Bring Your Friends Summer Picnic on Saturday 30th July.

This will be a "Bring Your Own Food" event but the members of the London committee will bring some extra drinks and nibbles.

Location: Regent’s Park, South of the boating lake.

We’ll meet at Baker Street station at noon and around 12:15 we’ll head to the picnic location where Maria Kouyoumijian will be practising hand stands while waiting for us.

We will look for a space in the circled area below, to stay close to the tube and make it easy for people to find us.

The picnic will go on until around 4:30 or 5, really no rules here it will all depends on how long everyone wants to stay.

Weather is supposed to be dry but just in case, we have a B plan: we'll head for The Windsor Castle on 98 Park Rd, London NW1 4SH.

Picnic location map:

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