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GEM comes to Silicon Valley

[24] [Mar 2016] [ 6:30 pm] [ ]

SAN FRANCISCO - French Tech Hub

2415 Third Street, Suite 231
CA 94107
San Francisco

Share and learn about French experiences and success in Silicon Valley with GEM alumni and students. Expand your network during presentations and cocktail

Students from Msc Innovation Strategy Entrepreneurship will be in Silicon Valley V from 19-27 March to get a better understanding of how business is done in Silicon Valley.

We are taking this opportunity to bring together GEM alumni in the vicinity, so you can share your experience, extend your networks and learn from each other too !
Your example is inspiring to our students and they are looking forward to meeting you and hearing about your projects and ambitions firsthand.

They are aiming to understand :
-  how the Silicon Valley ecosystem works and how it differs from the way business is done elsewhere
-  the mindset of the entrepreneur
-  innovation in the high-tech entrepreneurial US environment
-  what aspects are transferable or applicable to their future businesses

You no doubt have opinions on all these topics ! Sign up now to join us on March 24th and reconnect with the GEM Alumni network in the bay area.


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