Email address for life

Email address for Life: a Permanent Contact Solution. GEM alumni email provides you with a vital means of staying connected to our network. You can be contacted at your GEM email address all life long.

Use it for all of your networking activities:

  • Job search
  • Expanding your network
  • Contacting partners

Your GEM email address not only provides you with instant name recognition, but also with a contact address that will never be outdated.

How to Use Your Alumni email adress?

  • The alumni email address format is
  • This email address can be activated 30 days after your graduation.
  • Upon activation, you will have to configure your inbox settings and choose where you would like your GEM email address to be forwarde




Students mailbox: what happens with them? 

They are automatically deactivated within the year following your graduation.

You will receive alert messages at least three months before deactivation. Please make sure to save all of its content before deletion.


Here is some advice to setup your redirection email address

Download tutorial