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GEM regularly organizes conferences to share its expertise and knowledge. Our alumni are given priority for event invitations and are key participants in many events.

Meet the Expert (MTE)

Monthly | Grenoble  | Paris |

What is an MTE conference? Each event is an opportunity to participate in the interaction between GEM experts* and professionals who work in the same field. MTE conferences are held on campus in the evenings.
You will learn as much during the forty-five minute presentation by the MTE expert as you will during the hour-long cocktail party afterwards. You may participate in every conference or only come to those on subjects of interest to you. You will leave each conference with a selection of documents presented by the expert.

(*) Professor-researchers at the cutting edge of their field of research who are authors of publications that have been validated by the scientific community and who work on collaborative projects and publications.

To help you plan your participation in these conferences, please visit our calendar (in French).  


Digital Day

Once a year  | Grenoble | Paris |

#GEMAlumni  |  #GEMDD

Not only  has your School trained you in the management of technology and innovation, but GEM is committed to helping you stay up to date throughout your career. Participating in our Digital Day is an opportunity for you to take advantage of GEM's vision of life-long training.

Participate every year to expand your knowledge, discover new technologies and understand their uses in business models. You can also meet fellow alumni who are contributing to this field (entrepreneurs, consultants, experts, etc.).
Take advantage of this day to interact with GEM professor-researchers and major players on the international digital scene.

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Geopolitics Festival

Once a year | Grenoble |

What will you learn during this festival? To name but a few possibilities:

Learn to understand foreign partners, evaluate expatriation opportunities, chose locations and partners, decide on a market penetration strategy, anticipate new competitors and deepen you general knowledge of the world.

Geopolitics is not only for multinational corporations. Learn about the international, national and regional factors that will impact you and your business. Spread over four days, the Geopolitics Festival is built around workshops and conferences that allow you to exchange with leading international experts. The Festival is usually held at the end of March and each year has a specific theme.

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