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2nd Annual "Friends of Grenoble" multi-network event in Berlin a brilliant success!




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On Thursday, November 28th, the annual "Friends of Grenoble" event made its way to Berlin for the second consecutive year!

Nearly 100 people attended the first “Friends of Grenoble” event in Berlin on Thursday, November 28th.  The event was co-organized by Invest in Grenoble Alpes, Grenoble Ecole de Management, Grenoble INP, GISMA Business School and Université Grenoble Alpes.

Friends of Grenoble is a network of people enthusiastic about Grenoble and willing to help us promote it internationally. The goal is to build a global network, gathering people from different countries working in collaboration with Grenoble-based companies to showcase the city as an important business hub.

This successful event brought together GEM staff members including Jean-François Fiorina, Vice Dean of GEM, current GEM students studying in Berlin, Berlin-based GEM Alumni, several start ups, and representatives from all of the co-organizing companies. The relaxed atmosphere encouraged everyone to easily mingle and get to know each other, but also allowed for ample discussion around Germany’s current job market, career trends in Berlin, and of course the city’s booming start-up scene.

A HUGE thank you to the GEM Alumni that attended! The students really appreciated the opportunity to hone their networking skills with none other than Berlin-based GEM alumni from all programs! They thoroughly enjoyed meeting you and are thankful for the advice you so graciously shared with them.

A special thank you to our GEM Alumni speakers Julien Maechler, GEM PGE 2005 & Head of Office  Fruiton Berlin, and Amar Ahlers, GEM BIB 2015 & Co-founder of MindMatch, who took the time out of their busy schedules to share their insights about the start up world with us!


We’d also like to thank our wonderful partners at GISMA Business School for all of their precious help in making this a success!

We look forward to many such events in the future, which really leverage the extensive worldwide network of GEM Alumni!

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