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Alumni Directory - Rights and Obligations


Each person with a login and password to access the restricted GEM alumni directory agrees to respect the following rules and guidelines.

The website gives users access to all or part of the GEM alumni directory.

Access rights are tied to user profiles and each alumni's wish to share or hide their profile information. Non-alumni users and students are not visible in this directory.


This directory allows you to:

  • Contact an alumni or student: Benefit from their experience and contact them about a job opportunity.
  • Manage your profile
    • To edit your profile information: Access the "my profile" page to update your personal and professional information. Your profile is your calling card in this network.
    • To edit confidentiality and visibility settings: Access the "My prefences" page to change language preferences as well as set the email forwarding address for your alumni email for life address (only for alumni).



When using this tool, we ask that you:

  • Do not use this directory for commercial purposes
  • Be polite in all circumstances. This network is made available thanks to volunteer work and the respect of each and every participant.
  • Keep your password and login information SECRET. First and foremost, this will help ensure that no-one with bad intentions gains access to your profile and modifies your personal information.Second, it is essential we protect the contact information of our network members. This directory must be kept private to avoid contact information being used for commercial canvassing, polling or the creation of commercial databases.
  • Keep your directory profile up to date. This will allow you to receive information in a timely manner and in accordance with your needs.
  • Respond to requests and sollicitations from the network. This network only works through a virtuous circle. Within reason, please try to answer requests in the same manner as you would like to be answered when making a request.µ



In accordance with the present charter, the user is not allowed to actively promote goods or services of any kind.
The user is informed that systematic canvassing, active promotion and advertising can cause the suspension of their access to the Directory.
As a last resort, and in case of repeated non-compliance to the recommendations (as detailed above), the user will see his directory access rights either occasionally withdrawn (i.e. temporary suspension) or definitively closed (i.e. permanent suspension).

  • The temporary suspension is validated by GEM Alumni Director, upon suggestion of the Alumni Association’s Vice President or the team in charge of the alumni database.
  • The definitive suspension is decided by GEM Director, upon suggestion of the President of GEM Alumni Association, or the GEM Alumni Director.
  • These suspensions do not impede you to remain member of the Directory.