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Abhishek Shah's testimonial

Hello all, I am Abhishek Shah (MIB 9 Singapore 2014-16)

Receiving postgraduate education in Singapore has certainly increased my value in the marketplace. The whole experience of an academic journey in cosmopolitan Singapore exposed me to international perspectives and practicalities in the global business world. And for those who might intend to launch a career outside of Singapore, within Southeast Asia, it is also a good place to start.   

I have classmates from India, France, Russia, Germany, Cambodia, Madagascar, Korea, Vietnam etc. Diversified cultural and national mix conditioned me on flexibility and interpersonal relations.     

Finding employment in Singapore was difficult, but not impossible. Knowing this fact beforehand, I started searching for an internship early in my curriculum. On weekends and at parties, I used to meet new people, talk to them about employment opportunities in Singapore. I met a Singaporean at a party and we had a casual interview and next day he gave me a job offer.

Upon completion of my taught part, he offered me an internship as a Strategic and Digital intern for 6 months in his company (StratAgile Pte Ltd). At the end of my Internship, he offered me a full-time opportunity in his company as Strategic and Digital Analyst.

Due to competitive and diversified job role various modules covered in my curriculum like Project Management, Supply chain, Legal and various Marketing and Finance modules built a good knowledge base and made me industry-ready for more challenging roles. I would like to thank my God, my parents and all of my GGSB Faculty for shaping me into what I am today.