Guadalajara - November 8th: GEM Alumni in Guadalajara Get-together

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Join GEM Alumni in Guadalajara to get to know your fellow GEM alumni!

Join GEM Alumni in Guadalajara to get to know your fellow GEM alumni!

For this edition, join GEM Alumni in Monterrey for an afterwork on: 

Thursday, November 8th, 8PM 

Calle Buenos aires 3084B
Guadalajara, Jalisco 44639

To register, please click on the orange sign-up button on the right hand side of this page. 
All alumni already have a profile so please do not create a new one. 
For assistance please contact 

These informal Get-Together events are organized by alumni for alumni: everyone pays for their own food and drink, and comes and goes as they wish. 
This will be an opportunity for you to get back in touch with your fellow alumni, meet a few new faces, and help brainstorm event ideas for this year! 

Don't miss this great opportunity to benefit from GEM's amazing community, both professionally and otherwise. 
A big thank you to Karina Arias, GEM ESC 2011, for helping us organize this event! 


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